The Oatmeal is under attack!


For those of you who don’t know The Oatmeal (Matthew Inman), is single-handedly responsible for keeping my mood in check with his wonderful comics about love, life, happiness and  bad ass pterodactyls. I digress. About a year ago he posted a comic about Funny Junk stealing his comics, removing watermarks and satirized their business model. Now Funny Junk is asking The Oatmeal to pay them $20,000 USD! Instead of lawyering up for his counter attack, he posted a comic that outlined his humanitarian intentions, and ultimately dismissing Funny Junk as having any credibility / sustenance to their attack. His plan was to raise $20,000 for Nation Wildlife Federation and American Cancer Society and not pursue the matter any further. Then comes Charles Charreon, slapping down with great vengeance and furious anger – litigation against The Oatmeal and his brethren.  While I can agree that one of his followers was out of line for making a mock twitter account to discredit and make Mr Charreon look like a total idiot, it was probably a bad idea – albiet, not something that deserves mass litigation not only against The Oatmeal but also against the charities that benefited from Inman’s kindness.

It only gets more interesting from here, the EFF recently posted that they want to help The Oatmeal via twitter and press release.

What kinda guy does this? Does he think that he can win such frivolous lawsuits against the aforementioned parties? or will this just end up costing Charreon his career for being a douche. He is trying to even say that the pterodactyl ascii art in his pages’ source code is a direct attack on Mr. Charreon. I think Mr Charreon need to literally get his head out of his arse and see what he is doing not only to his reputation, but to the harming American Cancer Society, Nation Wildlife Federation and the comic artist and satirist Matthew Inman.

Friends, family, and random fellows of the internet, steal my PNG of “I Support The Oatmeal”, put it on your website, the world needs to know that we don’t stand for this crazy frivolous litigation.