Howdy! I am CPUjockey, the last guy on Earth that you would think of that would be making a website and  making crazy freakin’ content at all hours of the evening. This site and particular was in response to alot of folk that hard a hard time getting ahold of me, or just looking to find my various creations, blurbs or otherwise offensive ramblings. You must understand that I am not simply a mad man or a troll that is lurking around “teh intarnetz”. I take a great amount of pride in what I do and wish to share my experiences to the collective consciousnesses of the internet or anyone who just a free minute to burn.

To give you an idea why I am doing this and what I do you must read and understand the following:

1. I am an avid computer user and have been since I was 8 years old. (I am 25 now…)

3. I am really, really, really passionate about Starcraft II.2. I freaking love games! (especially PC games)

The bau5 CPUjockey

4. My band Divide by Zero keeps me sane.

5. You should really take everything I saw with a grain of salt and an open mind.

Now that we got that out of the way, let me tell you what CPUjockey can do for you:

This site is a portal to all the content I create, whether it be streaming Starcraft II, making videos with my iPhone 4, my bloggings, or even my random acts of trolling, I pretty much put this together so YOU can learn something, and take someone’s advice that won’t bone you. Cause you know, no one likes getting boned unless that’s their thing…

As far as gaming goes, you can find me on NA SC2 servers as CPUjockey.640, I also do quite a bit of casting and streaming, so check back once in awhile; you don’t know what you are missing. ;) – I make an attempt once in awhile to do things for the SC2 community that goes unnoticed, but I do take requests!

So if you feel like I should have something here, just email me CPUjockey@gmail.com, cause your boredom is my passion!


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